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Host: Chris LoCurto - CEO - The Poimen Group

Get Your Business ALIGNED at a 36 hour Live Event

One of the #1 struggles for business owners is a lack of direction. 

Lack of direction looks like:

  • No roadmap or strategic goals and initiatives to help you get there
  • Unmotivated team members moving in different directions (with no reason greater than a paycheck to show up to work)
  • Poor or non-existent decision-making process
  • Overwhelmed leaders that are spread too thin
  • Focus on the wrong things

We're here to help. Join 40 other leaders for a day and a half to get ALIGNED by discovering and developing the right direction for your business. 

On September 19th and 20th we will walk you through a step-by-step process to give your company a:

  •  Compelling Mission Statement that displays “why you exist"
  •  Clear Vision that shows “where you are going"
  •  Robust Strategy that lays the blueprint for “how you will get there” 

This LIVE event will be hands-on and practical. You’re not going to learn information and go home to do all the work. You'll do the work HERE to discover and develop the right direction, and walk away with a strategy for implementation. You will have the tools and confidence to communicate and lead your team to being fully ALIGNED.

Here is what happens when your company is ALIGNED: 

  • You and your team will come to work motivated to accomplish a mission, and do more than “just a job”
  • There's increased quality communication and accountability to help people succeed at their highest level
  • Your team is getting the right results faster, creating momentum to the greater mission


Hurry! There are only 40 spots available for this event

Praise for Chris LoCurto's Leadership Lessons

Bill Fischer Headshot

Whatever investments we've made have paled in comparison to our work with Chris.

"Working with Chris and his team has allowed our organization to exceed every goal that we have had, not only financially, but personally as well. The guidance and perspective gained through our interactions is literally invaluable."

Bill Fischer President, Vilimia  

Cindy Taylor Headshot

The team is unified and I have my life back

"After implementing the lessons from Chris, business efficiency, team morale and motivation have increased dramatically. The team is unified and I have my life back!"  

Cindy Taylor Owner, Carolina Therapy Connection

Bo McDonald Headshot

Now I’m spending 30 hours a week leading people, instead of bogged down in tasks.

"Before, I was throwing orders at people like crazy, missing deadlines, feeling stressed, working until 9, 10, 11 at night because I thought I had to. I thought it wasn’t possible to get this stuff off of my plate to where I am today. Now I’m spending 30 hours a week leading people, instead of bogged down in tasks."  

Bo McDonald Founder/President, Your Marketing Co.

Join us in Franklin, TN to gain clarity and find the right business direction.



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SEPT. 19-20, 2019 | FRANKLIN, TN




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