Go Inside Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event 

6 Strategies To Overcome Your Leadership Obstacles 

Host: Chris LoCurto - CEO - The Poimen Group

Get leadership solutions. I've identified the underlying reasons teams underperform, leaders fail to get buy-in, and toxic people poison culture (and How To Help You Fix These Issues Now)

YOU as a leader, are just like everybody else.

We all think we’re struggling with our own unique situations, that we’re the only ones going through what we’re going through...  

I'm Chris LoCurto, and as a practitioner who's been helping people transform their businesses, leadership, and teams for decades…I can tell you: you’re experiencing the same things as everybody else.  

The struggles you have…

  • Getting your team members focused on the right things
  • Solving the root of poor team performance
  • Training up leaders inside of the business
  • Filling your calendar as a leader with the right tasks
  • Making sure every role in the business is operating at its best
  • Getting buy-in from leaders and team members
  • Keeping your business focused on Core Values (not the 90’s plaque-on-a-wall core values, but what makes your business operate the right way)
  • Making sure you’re compensating people the correct way
  • Leading and communicating Core Values, Key Result Areas, and compensation with excellence
  • Stopping mis-hires from slipping under your radar
  • Having a plan to accomplish the biggest KPIs in leadership
  • Firing without stress or crises
  • A ton more just like this...

If you struggle with anything on this list, join me and go inside the Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event, and get the 6 strategies to overcome these leadership obstacles and now. 

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What Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event attendees said...


"[Next-Level Leadership LIVE Event] (has) not only impacted my business, but me personally as well. Chris, Joel and the LoCurto team equip you not only with the tools and roadmap for developing a successful business, they also have an amazing community of business owners and entrepreneurs who challenge and encourage each other.”

Mike Forrester, CEO, Kojeta


"Working with Chris and his team has allowed our organization to exceed every goal that we have had, not only financially, but personally as well. The guidance and perspective gained through our interactions is literally invaluable. Whatever investments we've made in our business and team have paled in comparison to our work with Chris and his team, both in hard number financial ROI and softer metrics related to personal growth, happiness and well-being.

Bill Fischer, President, Vilimia  


"For years we have been attending high-end leadership events. All have been helpful and inspiring, but there is something different about Chris’ Live Events. The content that is taught is vital to growing a successful business. And it’s not just the content itself, but they help walk you through creating a clear direction and bulleted to-do’s that you can get started on when you get back home."

Shauna Watson, CFO, Watson Engineering