Business Is Tough (THE PROBLEM) 

Leadership is not for the faint-hearted. There’s never enough time for all you need to do. The drama and distractions never seem to end -- not to mention the stress, fear, and lack of confidence you have to fight through.

Here is the good news: these problems can be overcome as our clients have seen an average increase of 46% in gross profit in the last year.

Next Level Mastermind

Tools to Help You Win (THE ANSWER)

Next-Level Mastermind is a practical way to point your business in the direction of your vision, day after day, year after year. There are no quick-fixes, gimmicks, or shortcuts.  

Here’s what you get: 

Strategic Business Planning + Guided Online Leadership Content + Online Library of Resources + Weekly Online Accountability Group + One-On-One Leadership Coaching + Quarterly LIVE Events + DISC & Values Assessments + MORE  

A System Built Around You (HOW IT WORKS) 

Next-Level Mastermind lays out a clear path to success. It shows you how to make the right decisions, solve complex problems, and lead more effectively. Mastermind will help you grow your revenues and enjoy a balanced life. This isn’t empty business jargon and it’s not a fairy tale. We have a 92% retention rate after one year. Our clients join us and don’t leave, enjoying results year after year after year. What is your dream future? Make it happen. You can get there! We’ll help you.

Your Future You Is Absolutely Achievable And Not Far Off. 

Here's what it looks like...

Setting The Future and Obtaining It

Most leaders live in the day-to-day while trying to predict the future. Instead of hoping for things that happen in the future, we help people to set the future and obtain it, faster than you can alone. This process helps our clients accomplish more in three months than most do in a year. 

Working ON The Business, Instead of IN The Business

Being bogged down in tasks, fear of failure, and lack of confidence has held you back from leading your team with intention. Now, you’re free to work in your strengths as a leader, setting direction, casting a vision that inspires and uplifts your team and going after exciting growth opportunities.

Leading Proactively vs. Reactively

You’ve felt slave to what everyone else wants from you, responding to team member and customer problems, and fear of failure has held you back from pursuing opportunities. Now, you’re leading your team effectively toward a greater vision and purpose, and confidently pursuing new revenue opportunities.

More Time With Your Family And For You…Guilt Free

You work well beyond “closing time,” and at night most work days, constantly checking email and making calls. When you do have family time, you’re not fully present because your mind is on work and what needs to get done tomorrow. Now, you’re managing your time and boundaries super well, so work stays at work. You’re mentally present with your spouse and kids, and your family relationships are improving. You’re house is a much happier and peaceful place for everyone.

How is this even possible?

Experienced Perspective + New Choices and Habits + Consistency = Success

What you're lacking is a system...

A system built around you that helps you see a clear path to success, make stronger decisions and solve complex problems, and get free to lead more effectively.

My heart is for you to explode your revenues, realize your potential, and live a stronger life.

Here's a little more about my background...I have worked alongside and coached business leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals for decades.  

As an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, and coach, I have been able to serve individuals and businesses in the U.S. and around the world. Through my company, Poimen Group, LLC, I lead a phenomenal team to employ coaching vehicles including strategic business planning, one-on-one leadership coaching, mastermind groups, life coaching, live events, and more.

Chris LoCurto

 The ROI we’ve seen has been growth in business and profit!

Getting and staying motivated is like exercise, you can’t do it just once and expect to reach your goals. The times we spend one-on-one with Chris, and the times spent at retreats and weekly group calls are a constant motivation for me to share, listen, learn, and grow. The ROI we’ve seen has been growth in business and profit, but more importantly personal growth for myself and key members of my team.

Bo McDonald


The 3 Critical Elements of

Next-Level Mastermind

(A break down of what's in it for you)

Critical Success Element #1: Expert Coaching

In Next-Level Mastermind, you get an experienced coach who has been there, who knows exactly what it's like to run a business. 

To achieve more in our business or life, we have to become more. 

That’s the power of having a skilled, knowledgable coach on your wing. When you have a coach to bring your questions and challenges to, you get tailored and immediate wisdom. 

I learned early on in my career that if I’m the smartest person in the room…I’m in the wrong room. I need to be in the room with people much smarter and faster than me and that’s why I have coaches, why I pay for my team to have coaches, and why you will have a coach, too. 

Unlimited Access to Joel Fortner, Chris’ Head Client Coach

Joel has run his own business, and successfully led teams for over a decade. Formerly, Joel was a leader with the United States Air Force at The Pentagon, leading an award-winning Public Affairs team. At the same time, he ran a small marketing company, helping entrepreneurs across the U.S. better market and sell their products and services. Joel leads the Next-Level Mastermind program, working daily with entrepreneurs and business leaders to solve tough leadership issues and further their businesses. Joel is a brilliant leader, one of the best salespeople I’ve ever known, cares deeply about people and their success in life, and has become an extension of my brain. 

You will have access to Joel 1-on-1 on an as-need, schedule-as-you-go basis. He is your dedicated go-to resource for anything and everything you need. 

Monthly Live Q&A Group Coaching Calls with Chris

Every month, you and your peers come together with me on a live, Q&A call to learn a new leadership or business strategy, and get coached on a pressing issue, as well as learn as I coach your peers. 

Plus, a copy of the recording is available to you every month so you can listen to it at your own convenience.  

Audio of all Group Coaching Calls

Group Coaching Calls are so full of value and actionable advice, we send you an MP3 of every call upon request, so you can go back listen to it as much as you want.

Critical Success Element #2: Trusted Peer Group

Exclusive Next-Level Mastermind Member Accountability Group Calls

Every week, members bring their quarterly initiatives (aka. 90-day Plans) to the group, and dive into their progress or what's holding them back. Think of it as your personal board of advisors who help you make stronger decisions, and help you spend more time working ON your business. It's one of the most powerful pieces of this Mastermind. 

Having a trusted group of peers to help you solve problems, help you move your business forward, keep you on track in the right direction, and simply get more done is invaluable.


If you are not surrounded by people who are like-minded, by people who are aiming for the same goal, then how in the world are you growing you? 

I can’t tell you how greatly my leadership blossomed when I started spending much more time with smart, healthy people. 

As you share life together with folks who have a growth mindset, who are willing to hold you accountable, who have challenging minds, an amazing thing happens, you grow. And you grow exponentially. 

There Is incredible Power In Community 

God created us to be in community with one another. Today, you most likely aren’t surrounded by people who are going through the same struggles you are and who are taking the same walk you are. 

You try to share struggles or even wins with friends or family, but it doesn’t amount to much...

They just can’t relate to your day-to-day issues, stressors, problems, and even successes. You can’t talk through growth, leadership challenges, goal setting, work-life balance, and all of the stuff that comes with being your own boss or a C-suite leader. 

The two key aspects of having community are: 



Having people around you to keep you from being isolated in your own thoughts.

Having a community of people who are sharing the same experience so they can provide wisdom and help you solve problems

When you have a community of people sharing the same experience, growth happens. 

"You are the sum of the five people you hang out with most."

― Jim Rohn

Critical Success Element #3: 

 Exclusive In-Person Retreats and Special Events

Exclusive Quarterly 1 1/2 Day In-Person Retreats

These retreats focus on helping you to stop working IN your business, and work ON your business. My goal is to get you to start thinking and operating like a leader and owner of the business, not a technician. The goal of every retreat is to: 

  • Help you discover opportunities you’re overlooking in your business 
  • Actively participate in an extremely productive environment to help you refocus on the most important opportunities in your business instead of the day-to-day fires and distractions 
  • Bust through leadership ceilings, grow your revenue and profit, control your time and tasks, and lead your team to new levels of productivity and growth 
  • Solve problems by spending time with like-minded leaders who understand what it’s like to walk in your shoes 
  • Recharge and re-inspire you. After a day and a half in the community of Chris, leaders, and entrepreneurs...folks leave on fire to go after their next level of success 

You also get direct access to me to pick my brain and ask me anything regarding leadership, the operations of your business, or even your personal life. Plus, one of the retreats will be the 3-day Next-Level Leadership Live Event. You’ll receive 1 extra ticket for a team member so you’re getting another $1,094+ bonus! 

Annual Next-Level Leadership Live Event

This event isn’t about short-term fixes, it’s about giving you long-term processes and strategies you’ll continue to use to guide your leadership.

Build a Stronger, More Successful Business and Team.

  • This is an in-depth training with me, Chris LoCurto, teaching you how to dramatically grow your leadership in 3 days 
  • Learn proven methods and strategies successful entrepreneurs and leaders use to reach their goals and take their businesses to the Next Level.
  • Find out how you can thrive in BOTH you your business and your life with the Chris LoCurto team’s exclusive Life + Business Success System.
  • Learn 5 in-depth key lessons from our Life and Business Success System
  • Transform you and your team, opening your eyes to entirely new ways of leading
  • You’ll learn the core elements of how I’ve built multiple multi-million dollar businesses. It’s going to be detailed, practical, and loaded with "how-to’s"

Your Additional Leadership, Business, and Life Benefits

25 DISC Personality Profiles

One of my big secrets to success is learning everything I have about personality styles. A lack of high-quality communication is the most common and destructive issue I see in almost every business I work with. What causes this great lack of communication? Simple – not understanding how to communicate effectively with each of the different personalities in the organization. 

Why is this so important? There are several issues that come out of bad communication, including: 

  • Lower productivity 
  • Gossip 
  • Fear 
  • Employee turnover 
  • Having to redo misunderstood work 
  • Lost sales

And those are just a few things that cost your organization a lot of money! 

25 Values Motivators Tests

Research shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. They recognize the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easy for them to find ways of achieving objectives that resonate with their motivations. They also understand their limitations and where they are not effective and this helps them understand what does not inspire them or what will not motivate them to succeed. 

Those who understand their natural motivators better are far more likely to pursue the right opportunities, for the right reasons, and get the results they desire

For leaders, having a team member in a position where their motivators aren’t utilized can be a huge waste of time, energy, and money. It is vital to have team members operating in their strengths with both their Personality Style and Values! 

Ex: a person with a high level of Economic will probably do a good job in a sales position, while a person with a high level of Altruistic will probably do well in customer service.

Exclusive Opportunity To Participate In My “Elevate” Contest

Every year, I invite all of my Next-Level Mastermind members to participate in this contest for the opportunity to win an awesome, BIG prize. The purpose of this contest is to encourage your implementation and reporting on the leadership and business growth strategies you’ve learned in the Next-Level Mastermind. 

As Tom Peters said, “What gets measured gets done.” When performance is measured, talked about openly, and reported on, the likelihood of success improves dramatically.

We Have Fun, Too!

If you talk with current Next-Level Mastermind members, one of the most valuable parts of this program is coming together in person to spend time with each other, laugh, get to know each other better, and have fun together. 

This group knows how to have a lot of fun while getting things done. 

The relationships you gain as part of the Next-Level Mastermind program, and the bond that is created through our events are one of the most celebrated parts of the program that we fiercely protect for your benefit. 

 Whatever investments we have made in our business and team have really paled in comparison to our work with Chris and his team.

Working with Chris and his team has allowed our organization to exceed every goal that we have had, not only financially, but personally as well. The guidance and perspective gained through our interactions is literally invaluable. Whatever investments we have made in our business and team have really paled in comparison to our work with Chris and his team, both in hard number financial ROI and softer metrics related to personal growth, happiness and well-being.


Whether you're looking to grow your business and lead it in a better way or completely get yourself out of overwhelm...

Here's the system to show you how.


Jump Start

This is a Crash Course including Personality Styles Training (with DISC, Understanding Personality Styles video and lesson), and leadership lessons with action steps to lay a strong foundation for your team and/or business.

Exclusive Special Events

These retreats focus on helping you to stop working IN your business, and work ON your business. 

  • Quarterly 1.5-Day Next-Level Leadership Retreats
  • Two VIP Tickets to the Annual Next-Level Leadership Live Event 

Exclusive Next-Level Mastermind Member Accountability Group Calls

Your Personal Board of Advisors will help you to succeed weekly, at a rate no one can alone.

They are your trusted group of peers to help you solve problems, move your business forward, keep you on track, and help you get more done in less time. This weekly call strategizing with other Next-Level Mastermind members is invaluable. 

10 Group Coaching Calls with Chris

On 10 group coaching calls, you and your peers come together with me on a live, Q&A call to learn a new leadership or business strategy, and get coached on a pressing issue, as well as learn as I coach your peers. 

One-On-One Coaching to Chris’ Head Client Coach, Joel Fortner

You will have access to our Head Client Coach 1-on-1, on a schedule-as-you-go basis. This is also a great opportunity to bring team members on the call with you.

He is your dedicated go-to resource for anything and everything you need.

Exclusive Leadership, Business, and Life Benefits

  • 25 DISC Personality Profile Tests 
  • 25 Values Motivator Tests 
  • Personality Styles Training Video with Chris LoCurto 
  • Audio of all Group Coaching Calls

What Members Say

 You have to experience for yourself to truly understand the power.

Anything I say about the Next-Level Mastermind program cannot really do it justice. It is one of those things you have to experience for yourself to truly understand the power of the mastermind. Our group is so amazing. They are my support group, my accountability group, my prayer group, my braintrust and my board of directors all rolled into one. 

 Whatever investments we have made in our business and team have really paled in comparison to our work with Chris and his team.  

Working with Chris and his team has allowed our organization to exceed every goal that we have had, not only financially, but personally as well. The guidance and perspective gained through our interactions is literally invaluable. Whatever investments we have made in our business and team have really paled in comparison to our work with Chris and his team, both in hard number financial ROI and softer metrics related to personal growth, happiness and well-being.

 Experienced huge growth in my ability to plan and execute.

The Next-Level Mastermind group allows me to engage every week with peers who are going through the same challenges that I am. We celebrate highs, support each other through the lows, and share perspective and experiences that are priceless in helping me grow through the challenges. I have also experienced huge growth in my ability to plan and execute week-to-week.

Amber James


Bill Fischer


Brent Van Haren


 Chris helped me transform how I look at and succeed in business.

When I first met Chris I was surprised and refreshed by his genuine concern for me as person and a business owner. I felt it most with his incredible Next-Level Buisness Coaching. It’s helped me transform how I look at and succeed in business.

Stephen Scoggins


Looking to move your business forward in an 

even bigger way?

Next-Level Platinum Mastermind

Next-Level Platinum Mastermind was made for the leader who is ready to move their business forward in a big way. This program is for serious, committed leaders, not for someone who has not mastered business basics. 

Platinum members are in a category of the Next-Level Mastermind who receive tailored, one-on-one coaching, and strategic planning. 

We partner with you to get your entire leadership team unified, stronger, and moving in the same strategic direction. We will take your goals and vision, add my expertise of growing and running multi-million dollar business and high-performing teams, and create your roadmap to grow your revenue, profit, and overall business health. 

Working at the Platinum level is the ultimate opportunity to achieve your biggest goals and a vision you may not even see today.

What You Get As A Next-Level Platinum Mastermind Member

3-Day Strategic Planning (aka. StratPlan) Retreat with Chris LoCurto

For three days, I will guide your leadership team to discover the greatest opportunities we can work on right now to grow the business. We’ve helped businesses discover from $1.5 to $70M in potential revenue in the next 12 months. 

To get there, I use twelve plus years of experience of running successful, multimillion dollar businesses and coaching leaders to do the same, as well as a proven strategic planning process that’s helped businesses discover millions of dollars of potential revenue and transform their culture. I will spend a great amount of time helping your leadership team discover the most vital information so we can make the absolute best decisions going forward.

At the end of the 3 days, you will leave with a new, crystal clear business vision for Strategy, Culture, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Finances, and Processes, and the precise action steps needed to achieve the vision. 

After your StratPlan, you’re armed with all of the tools to implement with success as a Next- Level Mastermind member. 

Worth Several Times What We Paid For It.

We absolutely loved the StratPlan process for our company. I have been through many business improvement type forums and this was by far the best — thorough analysis of our real issues and clear, actionable items to help us move to the next level. You might flinch when you see the price but you will not remember it after the process — worth several times what we paid for it. Just sign the contract, work the process and run the play! You’ll thank me later.

 Jim Sheppard


The Best 3 And Half Days In The 50+ Year History Of Our Organization.

StratPlan truly served as the basis for a companywide transformation, both culturally and fiscally. Our team is much happier and more focused and our finances are easily expected to double in the next 12 months and continue to escalate. This was the best 3 and half days in the 50+ year history of our organization.

Bill Fischer


Gave Us A Perspective On Our Business That We Could Have Never Obtained On Our Own. 

The StratPlan gave us a perspective on our business that we could have never obtained on our own. You gently peeled back the leadership lid that was created a bottle neck to our companies growth opportunities. The step-by-step guidance of the StratPlan methodically helped us develop a vision that gave us the gift of unlimited potential. We were able to shift away from a singular event driven momentum so we can now engage in the long-term process of success.

Brian Staley


Two Next-Level Life Events

Next-Level is an extraordinary personal discovery experience to transform your life. 

We are all the sum of our past and influencers. Most people understand their family and other key influencers have had an influence on their life, but they have no clue just how much it’s impacted every decision - good or bad - they make. 

The power of Next-Level Life is it discovers the elements of your Root System - why you believe what you do, how you make decisions, and why you are where you are in life. 

Take a look at your life one year from now. If it could be dramatically different, would you want it to be? If you had the opportunity to change your life, would you take it? If so, Next-Level Life is for you. To get there, we guide you through a proven process that’s helped people find freedom in life they’ve never had, clarity on the future, and a plan to live intentionally. 

Next-Level Life is a two-day, one-on-one event. 

The goal of Next-Level Life is to learn how you got to where you are today, how and why you make decisions to way you do, what’s holding you back in life, and construct the plan to get where you want to be.

Left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person.

Next-Level Life helped me see what is in my root system that has held me back, which has changed/increased the trajectory in every area of my life. I left Next-Level Life a more healthy, whole, secure, and free person.

Keeley Kaveolook

Single best investment in my personal growth and development I have ever made!

Next-Level Life has been a signifiant part of my journey to live a dynamic and impactful life. It provided a unique lens through which I was able to process how my past shaped my view of myself, my decision-making and truly limited my view of life. I left with a true picture of my authentic self and an action list from which to continue this journey at home. It was a transformative experience! Choosing to set aside the time, energy and effort to walk through the NLL event has been the single best investment in my personal growth and development I have ever made. 

Carrie Christine

Given me a road map to create a life of my choosing.

Next Level Life has lifted a weight from my shoulders --- a weight I was placing there based on my Root System. I feel in control of my life now rather than giving it away to others and it has given me a road map to create a life of my choosing and the ability to dump the junk that is holding me back!

Jesse Harvey


Start Today! 


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