Your Personal Plan to Become Your Strongest Self


Start Living the Life You Were Meant to Live

Take Two Days to discover a vision for your life, and how to be your authentic self.

What does the strongest, healthiest version of you look like? When it comes to discovering and living out the best version of themselves, many people don't know where to start, or how to find the right answers. With our help you can begin that journey. Through this personalized two-day, one-on-one process, you will gain true perspective, and clearly see what the healthiest version of you looks like. And it’s all happening at our event space in Nashville, in an environment our clients describe as "feeling like home."

Your Plan for a Next-Level Life  

With God's guidance, you will discover how to break through what is holding you back in every area of the Wheel of Life. 

People are held back by unhealthy relationships, self doubt, repeating the same mistakes, fearing failure, not feeling good enough, and the list goes on. You will learn how to break through what's on your list, and get to where you want to be. You will leave your Next-Level Life event armed with a personalized plan, vision and action steps for every area of your life. 

The Next-Level Life Includes:

A heavy emphasis on gaining full perspective, with the first day spent discovering where you stand today, how you got to where you are, what's positive, negative, and desired in each life area, and what's holding you back (or causing you to feel stuck).

Further clarity and breakthroughs in each of the seven Wheel of Life Areas: Career, Financial, Physical, Social, Personal, Family, and God.

A half-day spent crafting plans for each life area, and creating an action plan to help you manage and renew your Next-Level Life in the future.

A process that guides you to deeper awareness of your giftedness and your authentic self.

A customized, doable action plan.

Discover your Next-Level Life.

What our attendees say...

"I went in with a ton of expectations, and I came out with incredibly more than I could have imagined."

"My Next-Level Life was what I would describe as 'truth being unleashed in every part of my life' so that I can more efficiently live life, grow as a father and husband, and serve others in a more healthy way through my professional life." 

Brent Carpenter

"Never before have I had such clarity and confidence of what I am on this earth for, not to mention a sense of incredible freedom!"

"My experience was the most amazing and life-changing time of my life. I’ve been to counselors off and on throughout my adult life, and I have more freedom and confidence in my identity in Christ than I have ever had before! God used this event to snap all the puzzle pieces together and now it feels like I'm truly "firing on all cylinders," and can live the life God has always desired for me to live. Never before have I had such clarity and confidence of what I am on this earth for, not to mention a sense of incredible freedom!"

Julia Chapman

"It has given me a road map to create a life of my choosing."

 "Next-Level Life has lifted a weight from my shoulders --- a weight I was placing there based on my Root System. I feel in control of my life now rather than giving it away to others, and it has given me a road map to create a life of my choosing, and the ability to dump the junk that is holding me back!"

Jesse Harvey