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Your 4-Day Strategic Planning Event For A Stronger Business


Learn how StratPlan clients discovered $500,000 to $55M in revenue growth.  


Magnus Simonarson

President, Consultwebs

It's a no-brainer. The results are there. 

"The results that we have seen from StratPlan are there: We have almost doubled our business and the size of our team. We have a much better communication as leadership team and company, a much better leadership team. Bottom line and customer service improved drastically.  

If you're going to implement [what you take from StratPlan] and hold your team accountable – it’s a no-brainer. Every single business I know has gone through Stratplan, has implemented, and seen those results.”

Listen to Magnus' StratPlan Event story (and get the fly-on-the-wall details) here: Inside StratPlan

Your Future Business Could Look Like This:

Capitalizing on Millions in New, Unseen Revenue

Chris has helped businesses like yours to discover and realize revenue growth from $500,000 in twelve months to $55M in three years following StratPlan.  

A Stronger, More Unified Team Moving In The Same Direction

You will walk away a united, cohesive leadership team on the same page, armed to implement a culture of greater productivity and team buy-in.

Implementing Your Greatest Growth Opportunities

Move past your company's greatest growth obstacles. You'll leave the event with greater perspective, the tools you need, and an initiative-based Action Plan.

Learn about Your customized 4-Day Strategic Planning Event for a stronger business.

What if you could go from stuck where you are to... 

...increased revenues, a unified and more productive team, and operating from a plan to grow your business that actually works? I know what it’s like to wonder if you can lead a team to success, and grow a business without feeling like you're climbing a new mountain 

With 20+ years experience in running successful, multimillion dollar businesses and coaching leaders to do the same, I will guide you to discover what's holding your business back, new unseen growth and revenue opportunities, and your initiative-based Action Plan.

Your 4-day StratPlan Process:

For four days, Chris will guide your leadership team to discover your greatest growth opportunities, what’s holding you back from achieving them, and the most important things to work on right now to grow the business. 




1. Discover What's Holding Your Business Back

Discover everything holding the business back from greater growth, and your leadership team from being united. Find the Core Business Issues keeping you stuck, and discover what's killing team member producivity.

2. Uncover The Most Important Business Strategies and Opportunities

Uncover your business' growth and revenue opportunities for each Economic Engine, your ideal target market positioning, and your best sales and marketing strategies based on ideal client transformation.

3. Develop Your Vision and Action Plan

You will leave with your best revenue opportunities prioritized, and rapid implementation Action Plan to solve the biggest issues in each business area: Strategy, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Finances, Processes, and Culture.

Your Business, Operating at 100% Looks Like:

Hitting your revenue and profit targets, while serving customers with excellence

Company-wide transformation through team buy-in to the set vision.

High-levels of quality communication increasing productivity at every level.

Proactively leading and solving problems, not reacting. 

Your entire team moving together in the same company direction, with the same goals.

The whole team excited to come to work everyday, and running like a well-oiled machine.

Don't Leave Yourself and Your Business Stuck Where You Are.

As a business owner and leader, you desire a team completely bought in to what you’re trying to accomplish, a business surpassing monthly growth goals without the chaos, and absolute clarity on company vision.  

You Know What It Feels Like To Be In A Business Holding Itself Back:

  • It's lacking a sure plan to move forward.
  • It's operating in overwhelm - task saturation keeps you working in the business, not on it.  
  • It's reactive leadership, not proactive decision-making and leadership.
  • It's discontentment, and continued frustration in leadership.
  • It's lost opportunities, making the wrong business and leadership decisions.
  • It's poor work-life balance - your business struggles bleeding over into your personal life.

Effective change only happens when you decide to take action. 

Move from stuck in stalled business growth, frustration, and lack of work-life balance, to complete clarity on your vision, increased revenues, and a unified and focused team.  

Learn about Your customized 4-Day Strategic Planning Event for a stronger business.

What StratPlan Clients Say

The Best 3 And Half Days In The 50+ Year History Of Our Organization.

StratPlan truly served as the basis for a companywide transformation, both culturally and fiscally. Our team is much happier and more focused and our finances are easily expected to double in the next 12 months and continue to escalate. This was the best 3 and half days in the 50+ year history of our organization.

Bill Fischer

President, Vilimia and Fantom Materials

Worth Several Times What We Paid For It.

We absolutely loved the StratPlan process for our company. I have been through many business improvement type forums and this was by far the best — thorough analysis of our real issues and clear, actionable items to help us move to the next level. You might flinch when you see the price but you will not remember it after the process — worth several times what we paid for it. Just sign the contract, work the process and run the play! You’ll thank me later. 

Jim Sheppard 

Principal, Generis

StratPlan Gave Us A Perspective On Our Business That We Could Have Never Obtained On Our Own.

The StratPlan gave us a perspective on our business that we could have never obtained on our own. Chris gently peeled back the leadership lid that had created a bottle neck to our company's growth opportunities. The step-by-step guidance of the StratPlan methodically helped us develop a vision that gave us the gift of unlimited potential. We were able to shift away from a singular event driven momentum, so we can now engage in the long-term process of success. 

Brian Staley 

President, ITG Ocala

Learn about Your customized 4-Day Strategic Planning Event for a stronger business.

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